The Davys – Lifestyle Newborn

It’s me — HI — I’m still here! It’s technically slow season for the photography industry right now but my personal life has never been busier. I’m on a new journey where I’m super focused on growing, learning, processing and changing so I’ve been MIA online lately, which I have mixed feelings about. I’ll admit that part of me feels guilty for taking a step back — but on the other hand — I’ve never been more present in my own life as I have been lately and it feels so good. I feel like I’m currently in the process of developing an entirely new mindset and approach to my work that’ll allow me to show up fully, purposefully and intentionally. I’m incredibly grateful for those who’ve supported me and my business no matter what phase I’m going through!

I’ve been super aligned with newborn sessions lately and I love capturing them. I have a few future ideas in the works about adding-on a studio option — but for now — lifestyle newborns are my specialty. I believe all milestones are worth capturing professionally, but I truthfully believe that newborns are a non-negotiable. The first few weeks together feels like such a blur and the time ultimately ends up going by entirely too fast! Your baby grows at lightning speed and the overall moment becomes a memory in no time. If I’ve learned anything by taking a step back during this time, then it’d be that it’s important to pause and slow down or else time will fly right on by.

If you’ve made it this far, then thank you! I appreciate you being here. I hope to blog as I deliver from here on out so my work doesn’t get entirely lost in the sauce. I’m still shooting consistently and I look forward to a busy, but intentional, 2024.