Details Checklist for Wedding Clients

There are so many details to consider while wedding planning. It’s not unheard of for people to spend numerous hours carefully choosing each detail that’ll play a special role in their day. I’m a photographer who’s very passionate about documenting wedding days with great care; so it’s important to me to properly capture all of your curated details. With that being said, I’ve decided to make a details checklist for engaged couples to reference so they’re able to receive the detail photos of their dreams.

Before we begin, I’d love to stress the importance of organization and preparation. I always encourage my couples to have their details placed in a box and ready to be handed to me to photograph when I arrive. I was a bride myself in 2022 and I used these storage containers from Amazon to keep our details together and organized day-of. Here’s a few items you may want to consider bringing on your wedding day to include in your detail photos ↓ 

1. Dress and Suit — Don’t forget a hanger!

You’ll obviously have your dress or suit with you on your wedding day but this post is meant to include helpful information as well so here are two major tips to keep in mind regarding your apparel ↓

  1. I highly recommend steaming all items prior to the wedding day. I would not suggest waiting until the morning of your wedding to do this! It’s a task that almost always takes longer than expected and it’s honestly something you or your wedding party shouldn’t be doing or worrying about day-of.
  2. Your apparel should be ready to be photographed. This mean your dress or suit should be hung up on the hanger of your choosing, steamed, all stuffing and pins are removed, etc.

2. Shoes

If you plan on changing shoes at some point during your day for a different look, then feel free to include both pairs of shoes in your detail photos!

3. Veil

If you decide to wear a veil on your wedding day, then I’d love to include it somehow in your photos. I usually use it as a layering element along with other details to add texture or interest.

4. Tie or Bow Tie

I’ll photograph ties or bow ties in a variety of ways. I’ve included some samples below to view!

5. Rings — Including a ring box adds a nice touch!

If the couple is getting ready at separate locations, then I normally recommend that each individual person keeps their own ring(s) with them for detail photos. If the couple is getting ready at the same location, then I can photograph all rings together. As mentioned above, including a ring box or dish can add dimension to your photos! There’s a variety of ring boxes and dishes on Amazon or Etsy.

6. Cufflinks

I love photographing these! I think cufflinks are an area where you can get super creative by choosing something that’s a bit more individualized or custom to you. If you decide to wear cufflinks on your wedding day, then please keep in mind that you’ll need a specific dress shirt that includes holes for your cufflinks. I’ve photographed lots of grooms who didn’t realize this important detail and they ended up having to cut holes in their shirt last minute!

7. Other Jewelry — Earrings, Necklace, Watch, etc.

If there is something that’s especially important or sentimental to you, then please let me know and I’ll be sure to give that item its own spotlight for a few photos.

8. Special Mementos

I love when details photos are as individualized as possible so I encourage my couples to think outside of the box and include special mementos such as memorial pins, heirlooms, etc.

9. Perfume and Cologne

If you’ve picked out a special scent for your wedding day, then feel free to include your perfume or cologne bottle in your detail photos!

10. Invitations and Save The Dates

I love photographing these! I normally recommend providing two separate sets so each person has an invitation and a save the date reflected in their individual wedding day details.

11. Vow Books

If you’re planning on making personal vows on your wedding day, then feel free to include your vow books in your detail photos! There are a lot of customizable options for booklets on Etsy.

12. Bouquets and Boutonnières

The last item is flowers! Your bouquet and boutonniere are both super important details to feature on your wedding day. I would highly recommend discussing delivery times with your florist to ensure that your flowers will be there for your detail photos. You can also ask your florist to include a few extra buds if possible, which will add a ton of character and dimension to your photos!

save or screenshot the details checklist below to help keep you organized while wedding planning!